Create a Facebook Page step by step guide

Make a Fan Page on Facebook

To create a fan page on Facebook is comparatively easy if you know how to use Facebook and it can be done in some simple steps. The first step of course is that you need to have a Facebook account. You cannot create a fan page in Facebook without having a Facebook account. Now log on to your Facebook account and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the left hand side of your browser window you will see a the logo “f” and when you place your cursor over it, it will say “Ads and Pages”. Click on this logo and you will be seeing the Facebook Ad Builder. On the top row you will see a link to “pages”. Again click on this link you will be shown the fan pages that you have already created. Since you do not have any fan page yet, you will be shown a message saying, “You have not created any pages” and below it there will be another message saying “Create a Page”.

Click on “Create a Page” link and you will be asked to answer and fill a number of questions, that comes with options. The first is category and the options are “Local”, “Brand, Product or Organization” and “Artist, Band or Public Figure”. Select the relevant category from the options given. After this you will be asked to select a name for your fan page. Choose a name with care and tick the box that says “Do not make Page publicly visible at this time”. This is because you are still building your page and you will be able to publish it once you are done.

Now scroll down and you will see a box that says “Create Page” and it is written that “By clicking the Create Page link, you represent that you are an official representative of the business, organization, entity or person that is subject of the Facebook page and have the necessary rights to create and maintain the Page”. This essentially means that you cannot go an create a fan page for Sarah Jessica Parker or the Beatles unless you are officially connected to them. Now assuming that you are creating your own fan page in Facebook, click on the “Create Page” link and finally you will be able to view your page.

Now that you know the basics of how to create a fan page on Facebook, you need to make it attractive. The first thing that you need to do is upload a picture of yourself or the logo of your company. At a later stage you can change the picture by simply moving the cursor over the image. Just like your profile page on Facebook, the fan page too has a wall that you can post your updates as well as tabs for your information, photos and discussions.

Click on the “edit information” tab and you will see a pop up menu asking for basic information, detailed information and contact information. Fill up all the areas that you think are relevant for your fan page and click “Save Changes”.

Now the last thing to do on how to create a fan page on Facebook is to click on the “discussions” tab. Then click on “Start New Topic” button and enter a title for discussion as well as some content. Now click “Post”. This was just the bare minimum that you require to do to create a fan page in Facebook. The best fan pages are those which are incorporated with cool Facebook tricks, interactive and comment regularly as well as post updates. Reply to your fans and take part in the discussions. Now that you know how to create a fan page on Facebook, have fun promoting yourself or your business.